Materials for production of pozzolan cement and concrete products, concrete additives

Natural desiccated and ground zeolite used as a concrete additive and an additive for chemical building products, significantly enhancing their properties thanks to its puzzolanic activity.

Benefits of using ZeoBau

  • 50 to 60 % of active SiO2 content
  • improved mixture stability
  • sulphate corrosion eliminated
  • improved sulphate resistance
  • heavy metal ions sequestered
  • C3A content in cement is decreased
  • high specific surface area
  • low density

Production of pozzolan cement

According to the European standard EN 197-1 Zeolite is labeled as natural pozzolan. Like other pozzolan, when mixed with water alone, it does not harden, but if it is finely ground, reacts in the presence of water soluble calcium hydroxide to produce calcium compounds to produce compounds of calcium silicates and calcium aluminate bearing the gradually increasing strength. Applying 15% weight of zeolite as a substitute for ordinary portland cement is achieve the same sulphate resistance as in sulphate resistant Portland cement. Concrete additive ZeoBau is one of the substrates used during grinding cement as substitute for clinker and is used as majority substrate (from 5 weight % to 50 weight %) during cement grinding.The advantage is the replacement of clinker, which thereby reduces production costs. Zeolite also acts as an activator of clinker and slag, which can increase the usage of clinker substrates. Properties are conditioned by hydraulic activity, where a number of active crystallizations center on the surface of zeolite grains and increases the pH environment.

Manufacture of concrete products

ZeoBau is used not only as a concrete additive but also in the manufacturing of cast floors, roofs, precast. Zeolite in mixtures acts as a stabilizer and after adding ZeoBau, the mixture is less flux and can be better handled. With a higher dosage in zeolite – portland cement is beneficial to increase its sulphate resistance. Therefore, this cement is recommended for demanding applications in aggressive sulphate environments, for example the cement slurry, incretion grout and concretes for special foundation. It is recomended in the preparation of the cement slurry for the purpose of underground sealing walls, grouting and sealing micropiles as well as injecting a mixture into cable cavities. Adding a small amount of zeolite significantly improves the stability of mixtures. Cement-zeolite suspension settle slower and the distribution to the solid and liquid phase is slower. Stabilization effect of zeolite in cement suspensions is also related to sorption and exchange capacities of zeolite.


Recommended products



Admixture for concrete production

Recomended fractions

  • ZeoBau Micro 50
  • ZeoBau Micro 200
  • ZeoBau Grit


  • 25 kg bag
  • 1 000 kg big bag
  • bulk material, silo

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