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Production program of the company Zeocem and infrastructure are closely related and arised from the operation of the former cement plant in Bystré. Construction of the former cement plant started in 1949. The operation started on February 13th 1955. The designed capacity of the plant is 150,000 tons of clinker and 180,000 tons of cement. These values have been achieved already in 1956.


Demand for cement in the later periods was higly connected with the construction and extensive investment in the region of Eastern Slovakia. By increasing of intensification of production and measures taken,  already in 1975 the plant produced 360,000 tons of cement per year, twice the designed capacity. Following the construction of new generating capacity in the seventies and limiting construction investment after 1981, coupled with a decrease in consumption of cement was the production of cement reduced gradually.


Attenuation of investment construction, declining domestic consumption of cement together with the transformation of society strongly influenced the production plant after 1990. As a result, there was a continuous reduction in clinker production, coupled with high energy consumption and obsolete technology, which led in 1997 to a complete halt of the production of clinker in shaft furnaces. A former cement plant changed owners several times.


Since 1999, the 100% shareholder of the company is Eastern Slovak building materials, a.s. which decided since 2000 for a  fundamental change in the orientation of production program. Restructuring means a full focus on the use of natural zeolite deposit in Nižný Hrabovec, one of the best in Europe.

New orientation

In 2000 transition from cement production to zeolite production was completed and process of continuos modernisation was established. This followed the process of preparation and construction of new energy-efficient machinery and technology facilities for key stages of production (drying, milling, delivery) and the filling of gaps in follow-up phases of production, thereby increasing the economic efficiency of production.

Video ZeoFeed

Video ZeoFeed®

Inspiring video showing the effects of the ZeoFeed® product on the digestive tract of animals.

Video Zeocem

Video Zeocem

A view inside the factory, where the mining and processing of zeolite takes place.

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Video Zeolit

What is zeolite clinoptilolite and examples of its use in industry and agriculture.