Natural material for increasing bio-gas stations effectiveness

Application of KlinoGas product shall increase bio-gas production from degraded organic dry matter, increasing economic benefits of bio-gas station operation. 


Benefits of KlinoGas application

  • increases bio-gas station effectiveness
  • improves bio-mass processing anaerobic processes
  • reduces ammonia concentration within the process of proteins, amino-acids and urea decomposition
  • supports microorganisms´ reproduction
  • increases produced bio-gas amount
  • improves quality of digestion product as a soil manure
  • increases bio-gas station operation effectiveness

Increasing the efficiency of biogas plant operation

Bio-gas generation for energy production has become ever more important. Bio-gas station effectiveness increases with application of KlinoGas product, increasing quality of digestion product as soil manure. Thanks to large Zeolite surface area, it creates a favorable ambiance for bacteria settlement, supporting reproduction of microorganisms responsible for proper bio-gas station functioning. Zeolite additions increase bio-gas production from degraded organic dry mass in wastewater purification plants, which should have major economic benefit for bio-gas station operation.

Improved digestion product quality as soil manure

Zeolite additions increase absorption capacity of the digestion product as a manure. Zeolite binds high ammonia volume during fermentation that is slowly released in the soil after digestion product application, and thereby improving Nitrogen absorption by plants.  

Recomended fractions

Micro 50 | Micro 200


25 kg bag | 1 000 kg big bag | bulk material, silo

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