ZeoTraction Ultra

ZeoTraction Ultra

Ecological gritting material with a double effect of de-freezing and roughening

ZeoTraction ULTRA is a fully ecological gritting material for winter maintenance of roads, pavements, car parks and other areas where there is a risk of slipping due to weather conditions. A combination of de-freezing and roughing impact provides high and long-term efficiency.

Advantages of using ZeoTraction ULTRA

  • Works as highly effective, anti-frosting, roughening material against sliding, it absorbs water, which results in a lower risk of a repeated glare ice formation
  • Certified environmentally friendly material – does not damage roads, vegetation around the roads and it is harmless to animals
  • Adsorbs solar radiation to accelerate ice melting
  • Does not damage surfaces of roads, pavements and paving
  • Applicable for large-volume grit vehicles for households
  • It can absorb water, eventually oil spills and other impurities, unlike other gritting materials
  • It is possible to use gritting material on the grass along the road's edges
  • Anti-dusting material - the porous structure of the zeolite effectively traps the dust particles from the surface of the roads, paths and other areas

Ecological aspect of gritting

Using ZeoTraction ULTRA meets all nature conservation attributes. It can be fully utilized in areas with a high degree of nature protection, in the field of drinking water sources. It does not harm the surrounding nature or harm the animals that come into contact with such road gritting.


ZeoTraction ULTRA as a defrosting and roughening gritting material is being applied in a simple way directly on the road surface covered by ice or snow. The dosing depends on the ice layer's and snow cover's thickness and a temperature of the environment.

Available product variants

ZeoTraction ULTRA

ZeoTraction ULTRA +

ZeoTraction Ultra

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Ecological gritting material


  • 25 kg bag
  • 1 000 kg big bag

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