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Soil conditioner for gardening and sports turf

ZeoGravel is a natural material for laying lawns, gardens and golf courses - greens. It creates a base layer that can bind water and available nutrients into its structure and thus keep them available to plants for longer.


Advantages of ZeoGravel for laying lawns and gardens

  • retains water in the soil (retention capacity) for a longer period of time, which allows plants to effectively manage water even in demanding temperature conditions and streamlines the irrigation of lawns throughout the growing season
  • effectively uses the supplied fertilizer, which can be bound in the base layer and its leakage into groundwater or lower soil layers is prevented
  • improves aeration of the soil profile and thus provides better conditions for the growth and development of the plant root system
  • thanks to the ability to bind water and available nutrients, helps maintain long-term fresh green growth and supports its regeneration
  • prevents the formation of unwanted dry and damaged places on the lawn

 Use in specific areas

  • establishment of sports lawns and playgrounds, which must bear a great load during the entire vegetation
  • establishment of ornamental parks and gardens
  • suitable for lawns created by sowing and in the form of laying grass carpets

 Possibilities of use and application

  • base layer for the establishment of grasslands and gardens
    incorporation into the soil in the case of sandy soils with a low sorption capacity
  • mixing with substrates
  • lawn treatment, lawn reconstruction and regeneration
  • aeration / aeration of the lawn, suitable to apply to depth during verticalization
  • when laying a new lawn, it is advisable to replace the soil in a suitable proportion with zeolite

Recomended fractions

1 - 2,5 mm | 1 - 5 mm | 2,5 - 5 mm | 4 - 8 mm | 8 - 16 mm


25 kg bag | 1 000 kg big bag | bulk material, silo

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