ZeoAqua - Swimming pools

ZeoAqua - Swimming pools

Natural filtration medium for pool water cleaning and treatment

To fully enjoy the pleasure of swimming in your pool, it is necessary to maintain its water absolutely clean. ZeoAqua is a 100% natural product for treatment of water in swimming pools with excellent filtration properties that maximize the filtration effect and significantly reduce the costs associated with pool water maintenance.   

Properties of the ZeoAqua filtration material

  • triple action (macrofiltration, microfiltration, ion exchange)
  • deodorizing effect and reduced eye irritation
  • eliminates ammonia and other pollutants which cause the occurrence of chloramine
  • effectively adsorbs pollutants thanks to the enormously large surface area of the mineral
  • improved sanitation effect
  • non-toxic and non-allergenic material
  • renewable material

Benefits of using ZeoAqua in pool water treatment compared to sand

  • a more effective  physical capture of impurities by zeolite particles compared to the sand which is heavier and can lead to filter blockage
  • less frequent washing of the filter which allows improved energy efficiency and reduced water consumption necessary for rinsing (by up to 30 %)
  • enormously large surface area of the mineral with enhanced adsorption of contaminants (100 kg of zeolite offers external area of more than 3 million m2 and internal area of 60 million m2)
  • adsorption of contaminants including ammonia and phosphates (1 kg of zeolite can retain up to 23 g of ions NH4+)
  • elimination of ammonia from water leads to enhanced chloration, i.e. the volume of chlorine necessary for treatment of pool water is reduced by up to 35 %
  • renewable material – in order to maintain this quality, the filter inset needs to be regenerated by a 10 % solution of salt (1 kg NaCl for 10 l of water). The inset must be kept in the solution for 2 hours as minimum. After that the regenerated filter is washed and rinsed as usual and can be reused to clean and treat the water in the pool
  • thanks to its sharp edges, ZeoAqua is able to capture particles as small as 2–3 microns, while sand can only capture particles of 15 microns and larger

ZeoAqua Certification

According to the Test Report no. 5545-5550/ 2016 issued after testing at the National Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials, Regional Authority for Public Health (RÚVZ) Poprad, ZeoAqua fulfils the necessary requirements for use in drinking water treatment, pool water treatment and waste water treatment. 

ZeoAqua - Swimming pools

Recommended products

ZeoAqua - treatment of drinking water

ZeoAqua - treatment of drinking water

Natural filtration material for treatment of drinking water

Recomended fractions

  • 0,5 - 1 mm
  • 0,6 - 1,8 mm
  • 1 - 2,5 mm


  • 20 kg bag
  • 25 kg bag
  • 1 000 kg big bag
  • bulk material, silo

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