Zeocem, a.s. is a dynamically developing company with 60 years experience in working with natural materials. The main production program is the mining and processing of natural zeolite and manufacture products based on natural zeolite.

By gradually shifting from production of building materials, we have become one of the leading producers of zeolitic products in Europe. Cement production capacities were reconstructed and adjusted for production of zeolite products. New energy-efficient machinery and technology facilities for key stages of production (drying, milling, sorting, delivery) were installed and the gaps in follow-up phases of production were filled to increase the economic efficiency of the production.

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Worldwide activities

Significant strengthening of promotional activities, as well as the gradual including of new certified products to stabilize and then deepen the share of sales in world markets and expand export activities in addition to Europe and the region of Southeast Asia, Central and South America.

Hich-quality source of clinoptilolite

One of the best deposits of clinoptilolite in the world and careful processing method allows us to offer cutting-edge products. Zeocem, a.s. has the permision for mining, quarrying and preparation of mineral deposits by superficial manner in quarries and for the treatment and processing of minerals, carried out in connection with their extraction. Zeocem, a.s. has its own high-quality natural zeolite deposits in the designated mining areas of Nižný Hrabovec. Zeocem, a.s. also has its own processing and manufacturing capacity in the mine Nižný Hrabovec and in plant Bystré.

zeocem balenie 01Development of the company

Our goal is to build an advanced company that represents a reliable manufacturer, seller, and supplier of zeolite-based products and meets high European standards. To ensure long-term sustainability and to meet our customers’ requirements, we always try to outperform our competitors in the areas of technological optimisation and product innovation.

Member of CTR Group

Company Zeocem, a.s. is a member of CTR Group, which is a strong and stable company with more then 30-year history. The company is active in three main areas of business – production and distribution of building materials, commercial and private air transport and residential and commercial development. CTR group a.s. and its associated companies are active not only in Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

Company Zeocem, a.s. Bystré and Quarry in Nižný Hrabovec

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