Sorption gravel for organic and industrial accidents

Universal sorption agent specially activated in order to obtain high sorption properties. Because of its outstanding properties, it is used as absorbent grit for ecological industrial accidents and preventive purposes in areas where controlled waste management is required by means of sorbents.


Benefits of KlinoSorb

  • effective impurities and smells absorption
  • high sorption capacity
  • maximum chemical stability
  • safe for soil, plants and animals
  • suitable for all types of surfaces - pavements, concrete, asphalt, interlocking pavement
  • easy manipulation and application 
  • not flammable

Benefits of using absorbent KlinoSorb

The sorptive gravel is suitable for use in industry, household, liquidation oil spills, agriculture, forestry, chemicals leaks. KlinoSorb has the maximum chemical stability and the ability to hold the absorbed substances. Besides the liquid substances, the sorptive grave absorbs smells as well. It is a sorbent with indirect bacteriostatic and fungistatic effect (lowering the concentration of water in an environment limits the metabolic activity including microorganism reproduction). KlinoSorb – natural absorbent grit delivers an extremely large surface area capable of absorbing contaminants (100 kg of KlinoSorb has the exterior surface area over 3 million m2 and the internal surface area of 60 million m2).

Safe for the environment

KlinoSorb is sorptive gravel based on a natural zeolite. It is a 100% ecological product that is safe for the soil, water, plants and animals. 

Method of disposal in a leakage of hazardous liquids

  • use protective means during the disposal depending on the type and character of the leaked liquid
  • pour the material on the polluted surface. The liquid will quickly absorb into the individual particles of the gravel until the gravel has reached its maximum sorptive capacity (dark green coloration of the gravel particles)
  • the sorption can be quickened by ranking the sorptive gravel with proper tools (shovel, rake and other)
  • change the gravel in a case of a complete absorption of the leaked liquid into the sorptive gravel
  • disposal in a regular way according to the character of the sorbed substance

Recomended fractions

0 - 0,2 mm | 0,5 - 1 mm


20 kg bucket | 25 kg bag | 1 000 kg big bag | bulk material, silo

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