Zeocem, a.s. is certified company with own research and development of new products. We are proud holder of Quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 and FamiQS.

In our laboratory we perform:

  • input control of raw material and input components for production
  • production control
  • output control of final products

Internal analysis:

  • Grain composition (sieve line)                  
  • Humidity, Lost of ignition                          
  • Exchange capacity (particular, total)                     
  • Chemical composition (from Na to U)                  
  • Bulk density                     
  • Friability                            
  • Back wash test                
  • Heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Cr, As)                    
  • pH value                           
  • Water absorbtivity

Quality certificates audited by the SGS system


ISO 9001 2015     Certificate Fami - QS


Video ZeoFeed

Video ZeoFeed®

Inspiring video showing the effects of the ZeoFeed® product on the digestive tract of animals.

Video Zeocem

Video Zeocem

A view inside the factory, where the mining and processing of zeolite takes place.

Video Zeolite

Video Zeolit

What is zeolite clinoptilolite and examples of its use in industry and agriculture.