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Animal Feed Additive

ZeoFeed is 100 % natural animal feed additive for farm animals. Ensures efficacy in animal nutrition, efficient use of feed energy and reduces ammonia concentration in the gastrointestinal tract.


Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (under the trade name ZeoFeed) is an authorized feed additive from the category of technological additives (functional group g-Binders and i-Anticaking agents).

It meets all legislative requirements applicable to feed in the EU and also complies with the provisions of legislation for organic production. 

Product properties

Efficacy in animal nutrition

  • efficient use of feed energy
  • significantly reduces ammonia concentration in the animal digestive tract and traps any occuring heavy metal ions 
  • reduces odour and wetness of excrements
  • contributes to animal well being in the stalls

Efficacy in animal feed production and application

  • ensures dry and loose feed during storage and transportation
  • anti-caking effect - facilitates free-flowing feed without clumps during entire application process
  • chemically stable and inert to all important feed nutrients

Animal feed additive application:

Direct incorporation into the complete feed mixture

ZeoFeed can be directly incorporated into the complete feed mixture at the recommended dose for each animal species (pigs 6-10 g / kg feed, poultry, 7 g / kg feed, cattle 150 g / head / day).
Animal feed additive ZeoFeed can be added as an ad-on to complete the formulation, or by substitution of one component of a complete feed formulations (e.g. wheat, wheat bran / flour, rice bran) in the dose of 0.5 to 1%.

Production of premixes

ZeoFeed for animal nutrition as binding agent is suitable for use as a carrier (base component) for production of premixes. Thanks to the zeolite properties (ion-exchange, reversible hydration and dehydration), the final premix based on zeolite gets in addition, some beneficial properties after incorporation into feed (binding free water, ammonia).

Technological additive / anti-caking agent

The anti-caking properties decrease the tendency for the adhesion of the individual feed particles. During the production process of the feed, water is lost and consequently the feed is reduced in volume and weight. After adding ZeoFeed, the feed is better moldable, dry and loose.

Additive to colostrum / calves milk

Natural product ZeoFeed for animal feed can be added into colostrum to calves.

Recomended fractions

Micro 200 | 0 - 0,2 mm | 0 - 1 mm | 0,2 - 1 mm | 0,5 - 1 mm


25 kg bag | 1 000 kg big bag | bulk material, silo

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