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KlinoGrow for Garden

KlinoGrow for Garden

Ecological plant leaf fertilizer for decorative and production garden

KlinoGrow is 100% natural product. Thanks to its composition, it increases garden crop quantity and quality, resistance to pathogens and resistance of plants to drought and high temperature.

KlinoGrow benefits for your garden

  • increased fruit/ vegetable crop by 10-40 %
  • favorable effect on quality and nutrition value of the crop, coloration and taste of fruit
  • prolongation of cultivated products storage time
  • maintained green effect of treated plants
  • supported more effective water management

Cultivation of fruits and vegetables

  • improved coloration and image of fruit
  • increased share of top quality fruit (1st category)
  • improved fruit taste
  • reduced summer fruit cast
  • prolonged storage time

Cultivation of decoration plants and flowers

  • supported growth of the above-ground vegetative part of the plants
  • supported development of branches and buds
  • improved condition and health
  • increased blossom color intensity
  • improved plant leafiness with green effect

Cultivation of forest and garden woods

  • supported huge dynamics of height increments at one- year plant by 150 %
  • ensured rich leafiness with leaf area increase by more than 200 %
  • improved condition and health
  • supported ripening of young sprouts
  • positive impact on anti-stress resistance of coniferous plants to high temperature

Common grape vine

  • supply of required micro- and macro-nutrients to the plant, including important calcium, silicium and iron that support natural resistance to plant illnesses
  • increased resistance of grape vine to chlorosis and die-out of grape bunches
  • favorable impact on sugar content and ripening time


Min.2 x during vegetation period in the form of leaf sprinkling.

KlinoGrow for Garden

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  • 15 kg bag

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