Development  in the field of zeolite application in construction has resulted in two product lines. ZeoBau serves as a stabilizer in concrete and in various building mixtures such as plasters and adhesives. It is used for prefabricated elements, for floor mixtures but also directly as an admixture for concrete. Zeolite as a natural pozzolan is also used as a direct admixture in cement and thus improves the properties of the cement, especially its sulphate resistance. KlinoMix is the second product line in the construction industry. These products serve to reduce hexavalent chromium (CrVI) in cement and also as an anti-corrosive admixture of cement.



Video ZeoFeed

Video ZeoFeed®

Inspiring video showing the effects of the ZeoFeed® product on the digestive tract of animals.

Video Zeocem

Video Zeocem

A view inside the factory, where the mining and processing of zeolite takes place.

Video Zeolite

Video Zeolit

What is zeolite clinoptilolite and examples of its use in industry and agriculture.