Zeocem‘s development of zeolite applications in the construction industry has resulted in two product lines. The product ZeoBau serves as a stabilizer in concrete construction and various blends such as coatings and adhesives. It is used for precast, on the floor but also as compound directly applied as admixture in concrete. Zeolite is a natural pozzolan and improves the properties of cement. The second product line within the building line is the product KlinoMix, which serves to reduce chromium in cement and is used as an anti-corrosion agent in admixture put into cement.


  • KlinoMix


    Dechromizing cement additive
  • ZeoBau


    Materials for production of pozzolan cement and concrete products, concrete additives
  • ZeoSlag


    Admixture for concrete production
  • AsphaClin


    Production of low-temperature asphalt using natural zeolite

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