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Soil Applications

Soil Applications

There are a few methods of Zeolite application in agriculture and horticulture

ZeoSand is a soil adjuvant that improves soil properties and increases efficiency and utilization of nutrients in soil.

Possibilities of Zeolite use in soil:

  • Soil conditioner
  • Component of substrates
  • Seeding of lawns, orchards and other plantation areas
  • Planting of fruit and decoration trees and shrubs
  • Grounding and treatment of compost heaps

Soil conditioner and component of substrates

  • Improvement of water regime – it allows for smooth outflow, soaking in and capillary movement of water
  • Improved utilization of supplied nutrients
  • Improved substrate aeration

Lawns and plantation areas

  • Quality drainage layer – improves surface and soil drainage
  • Final layer at surface modeling
  • Suitable at recovery of lawns, sand application after aeration, and verticutting for water- air regime improvement in lawns
  • improved management of supplied nutrients

Planting of fruit and decoration trees and shrubs

  • Draining layer with water outflow regulation
  • Absorption of heavy metals from soil (As, Pb, CS)
  • Effective utilization of supplied nutrients

Compost heaps

  • Suitable for creation of substrate structure
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors resulting from decay process
  • Improved compost aeration
  • regulation of composted material humidity that prevents from undesirable compost molding process or extensive drying
Soil Applications

Recommended products



Soil conditioner for gardening and sports turf



Complex soil additive that improves properties of soil, increases efficiency and utilization of nutrients in soil


  • 25 kg bag
  • 1 000 kg big bag
  • bulk material, silo

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