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Application in manure

Application in manure

ZeoSand is an efficient adjuvant in the industrial manure production.

Zeolite manure

Combination of Zeolite and manure enables to supply the whole manure dosage during the plants seeding or planting. Zeolite actively sorbs into its crystalline grid of the supplied nutrients´ molecules which are gradually released in soil.

Tightly absorbed nutrients in manure and their gradual release allow the plants to effectively utilize the supplied nutrients. Loss of released and not absorbed nutrients is reduced to minimum. Crop cultivation economy improves with concurrent environmental protection.

Regular supplies of nutrients to plants during the whole vegetation period ensure effective growth of the plants, good condition and higher resistance to pressure of fungal illnesses.  

Benefits of manure and ZeoSand combination

  • Synergy of industrial manure and Zeolite causes free nitrogen ammonia binding into the inner Zeolite structure, preventing from nitrification and ensuring sustainability of acceptable Nitrogen form in the plant root structures for longer time.
  • Zeolite ensures efficient utilization of Nitrogen in crop, oil-seed rape, corn and other agricultural plants in the form of prevented Nitrogen loss from being washed out into underground water, from denitrification and release in the atmosphere.
  • Application of Zeolite manure results in the effect of late manure addition that, considering the extent and possibility of plant damage, e.g. of corn, cannot be performed in certain vegetation phase.
Application in manure

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  • 25 kg bag
  • 1 000 kg big bag
  • bulk material, silo

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