Industrial requirements can be very specific and varied. It is therefore necessary to approach them individually and provide customers with tailored solutions.


  • ZeoCem Micro

    ZeoCem Micro

    Universal, highly-efficient filler for the plastics, rubber and dyeing industries
  • KlinoCarb


    Special mixed product for cleaning gaseous pollutants and other air pollutants
  • KlinoSorb


    Sorption gravel for organic and industrial accidents
  • ZeoCem Eco - Flue Gas Cleaning

    ZeoCem Eco - Flue Gas Cleaning

    Natural adsorbent for flue gas and air cleaning

Video ZeoFeed

Video ZeoFeed®

Inspiring video showing the effects of the ZeoFeed® product on the digestive tract of animals.

Video Zeocem

Video Zeocem

A view inside the factory, where the mining and processing of zeolite takes place.

Video Zeolite

Video Zeolit

What is zeolite clinoptilolite and examples of its use in industry and agriculture.