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ZeoCem Micro

ZeoCem Micro

Universal, highly-efficient filler for the plastics, rubber and dyeing industries

ZeoCem Micro is suitable for modern green-tech industrial solutions. It is the result of alternative production solutions aimed at increasing the qualitative parameters, reducing the production externalities and achieving economic benefits.

ZeoCem Micro Properties

  • Extra-optimised granulometry and fineness of the product provides a possibility to select the appropriate granulometry for each type of production
  • Increased selective sorption creates a wide range of industrial uses
  • Maximised surface area and internal capacity of the material maximises the effectiveness of ZeoCem Micro
  • Optimisation of the mixture’s homogeneity provides for a stabilised and even effectiveness during the entire production process
  • Sorption of undesirable odours increases the qualitative parameters of recycled materials
  • Natural material that does not place a burden on the environment

Options for the use of the micronised inert ingredient

  • Plastics industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Dyeing industry

Usage options

  • Removal of undesirable odour from recycled materials
  • Structural filling-in of various types of materials
  • Efficient scent carrier
  • Selective bonding of substances in a gaseous, liquid and solid state

Please feel free to contact us for more information on the particular actions and effects of ZeoCem Micro in industrial applications.

ZeoCem Micro

Recomended fractions

  • Micro 10
  • Micro 15
  • Micro 20
  • Micro 50
  • Micro 200


  • 15 kg bag
  • 25 kg bag
  • 500 kg big bag
  • 1 000 kg big bag
  • bulk material, silo

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