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Unique foliar fertilizer

Klinogrow is a natural mineral fertilizer that uses its powerful natural components to stimulate processes in the plants that promote higher volume and enhanced quality of production. This purely natural product is free from chemical substances and allows obtaining harvest with excellent biological qualities for small gardeners, as well as large agricultural producers. The product can be applied to field crops, fruits and vegetables, flowers and decorative plants, all types of trees and industrial and energy crops.

Benefits of KlinoGrow

  • increased anti–stress resistance of plants during dry and hot periods and in changeable weather conditions
  • increased harvest volumes
  • positive effect on production quality, increased content of nutritive elements (proteins, sugars)
  • prolonged storage
  • a more efficient application of industrial fertilizers and pesticides
  • positive effect on immunity and health condition of plants
  • improves water management
  • possible use almost in all plant species (with the exception of acid-loving plants)

Increased resistance of plants to dry weather and temperature variations

Exterior temperature variations have been reported more frequently during the last years. KlinoGrow effects on the plants allow pores closing and reduce water evaporation from the plants. Accordingly, plant manages water content better, reduces water evaporation from the leaves´ surface and the plant has enough vegetable fluid to overcome period of dry weather or extremely high temperatures, and to naturally ripen despite of extreme weather conditions.

Increased harvest quality and quantity

KlinoGrow significantly increases plants harvesting, having favorable impact on the quality and nutritional  value of the crop, coloration and taste of fruits. It allows for prolonged storage of cultivated production and increased quality of reproduction vegetation.  

Growth support

Miner composition of KlinoGrow accelerates photosynthesis and supports growing and production processes dynamics in the optimized inner environment. Plants treated with KlinoGrow product demonstrate better water and nutrients management, have more robust root system, and their fruits harvest earlier with higher nutrition content. Acceleration of such organic processes increase efficiency of pesticides.

Improved health condition and resistance to pathogens

Thanks to its composition, KlinoGrow accelerates creation of protein chains and favorably influences plant immunity, improving its resistance to diseases.  It increases efficiency of used pesticides, optimizes concentration of inner plant structure during entire vegetation period, and increases anti-stress resistance to drought, low and high temperatures.


2 x during the growing period as minimum, application by spraying on the leaves:

Winter crops, spring crops: 1.5 - 2 kg/ha + water min. 300 l/ha

Decorative plants, forest-tree species, fruits and vegetables: 1,5 - 2 kg/ha + water min. 400 l/ha


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