Special products
Custom-made mixed products

Custom-made mixed products

Modern technology for the homogenisation of new products for our customers

We offer to customers the ability to produce uniqe products based on zeolite and 7 other components with a certified miscible 1: 100,000. 

Custom-made mixed products

Homogenization products can be mixed to the eight kinds of the liquid components of a single entry. The dosage amount is controlled by modern control system of technological formulation that the production line can automatically adapt. Finished products are packed in bags, big bags or are transported in bulk.

Possibilities of mixed products:

  • production of multi-component feed and litters for livestock
  • officially certified miscibility 1: 100,000 for the production
  • production of mixed products with zeolite based on customer demand

Area of utilisation:

  • creation of ready mixed products in various fields of industry and agriculture
  • mixing fertilizer and manure with the addition of zeolite
  • manufacture of additives mixtures for biogas plants
  • creating icing mixes for winter maintenance of roads, sidewalks and public spaces using the benefits of zeolite components
  • mixing feed for treatment in case of industrial accidents and accidents with possible dangers to the environment


25 kg bag | 1 000 kg big bag | bulk material, silo

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Sales Manager for Agro

Jaroslav Tall
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Sales Manager for German-Speaking Countries

Peter Malý
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Special products