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Mineral additive for livestock bedding

ZeoBedding  is 100 % natural material based on natural zeolite. Thanks to the properties of the contained zeolite, this mineral additive for animal bedding will secure on your farm / for your livestock a deodorized environment, decreased volume of harmful gasses, reduced burden on the environment and better conditions and welfare of your animals.

The benefits of ZeoBedding

  • effective retention of ammonia with deodorizing effect reducing the unpleasant and undesired odour in the barn and animal production facilities
  • reduced negative impact of ammonia on the musculoskeletal apparatus of animals
  • reduced release of harmful gases into the surrounding environment, improving the living conditions for the livestock and working conditions for the attending staff
  • enhanced economic efficiency of livestock production – reduced costs on animal husbandry and treatment of the musculoskeletal diseases
  • part of a modern trend to improve living conditions and welfare of livestock animals

Rehabilitation and sanitation of the living environment for farm animals

The bedding with added natural material ZeoBedding effectively eliminates ammonia that imposes a significant burden on the surrounding environment and negatively affects the musculoskeletal apparatus and overall health of animals. Absorption of ammonia and its reduced occurrence in the environment ensure fewer attacks against the musculoskeletal apparatus and improved physical condition of the livestock.

ZeoBedding increases the absorption capacity of the bedding leading to reduced humidity of the surrounding environment and improved consistency of the litter. Thus, the manure obtained as a secondary product of animal husbandry offers benefits added by the contained zeolite: slower release of nutrients into the soil, lower risk of escape of nutrients into groundwater and a more effective use of the supplied nutrients by the root system of the plants.

ZeoBedding is 100 % natural material also suitable for animal husbandry in ecological farming. 


  • Floor cleaning
  • Disinfection of the surrounding environment
  • Application of ZeoBedding
  • Application of additional bedding /e.g. sawdust/ 
  • Possible application in a ratio 30:70 in the combination zeolite: disinfection powder or essential oils, designed to be used as a disinfection mat or rehabilitation of floor surfaces.


Bedding for poultry: combined with sawdust / ZeoBedding in a ratio 75 : 25

Dairy cows (housing on solid floor surfaces without grates – barns, lying areas): 500 g / week / dairy cow

Horses: 0.5-2 kg / m2 / week

Deep bedding: 0.5-2 kg / m2 / week

Application for other animal species: sprinkling over the floor with dosage of 0.5-2 kg / m2 of floor area

Fattening of broilers: to be applied only before introduction of bedding in the hall - dosage 2 kg / m2. During fattening, the material is to be refilled only near feeders and nipple drinkers, in order to minimize disturbances in the hall. Complete replacement of bedding is to be carried out after the termination of the fattening cycle once per 28 to 40 days.


Recommended products



Animal Feed Additive

Recomended fractions

  • 0 - 0,2 mm
  • 0,2 - 1 mm
  • 0,5 - 1 mm
  • 1 - 2,5 mm


  • 25 kg bag
  • 1 000 kg big bag
  • bulk material, silo

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