Dechromizing cement additive

KlinoMix – cement additives, patented by Zeocem, a.s., is the first choice in removing chromium from cements in all of the large cement plants in eastern Europe and has enjoyed a long history of use by companies including Lafarge Holcim, Heidelberg, CRH, Dyckerhoff and many more. It is a product produced on the base of technical ferrous sulphate and natural aluminosilicate. Cement additives KlinoMix reduce the water soluble chromium Cr (VI) in cement.


  • maximum wetness of up to 6 %
  • guaranteed fineness
  • easy dosage, handling
  • no problems during silo storage
  • long-term storage
  • fineness comparable to cements
  • consistently high quality

Natural zeolite as cement additives

The active mixture is based on natural zeolite and technical hydrate of ferrous sulphate (up to 50%), of up to one weight % – depending on the Cr (VI) in cement. The mixture of the cement additives KlinoMix contains besides technical hydrate of ferrous sulphate also the surface active natural zeolite material. Appropriate combination of these two components can reduce the levels of water soluble chromium Cr (VI) more effective than ferrous sulphate alone. Another big advantage of the cement additives KlinoMix is the easy manipulation with the mixture, easy dosage and the possibility of long-term storage without compromising the reduction effect. It is known that the addition of zeolite because of its pozzolan properties positively affects the performance of cement. Is also used for surface water and technological water treatment.

Products of the KlinoMix line:

  • KlinoMix Powder Extra 11
  • KlinoMix Powder Extra 14
  • KlinoMix Granul 11
  • KlinoMix Granul 17

Comparing cement additives KlinoMix and ferrous sulfate properties:


  • Maximum wetness of up to 6 %
  • Guaranteed fineness – depending on clients’ requirements at Company work standard (PNR)
  • Easy dosage of the cement addives thanks to good bulk density
  • Easy handling thanks to air suction filling
  • No problems during silo storage: no losses in terms in terms of bulk density properties
  • Long-term storage without any risks of lower reduction effects of the cement additives
  • Fineness comparable to cements, i.e. the material can be added to final cement mixtures

Ferrous sulfate – FeSO4 x H20

  • High wetness (up to 30 %)
  • Volatile granulometry
  • Difficult dosage, the material is sticky and clogs transportation routes
  • Difficult transport in tank trucks, problems during loading/unloading
  • Difficult silo storage due to stickiness (the material sticks to silo walls)
  • During long-term storage, a risk of lower reduction effects due to air humidity
  • High application risks when used as an additive for ready-made cements: mill homogenisation is necessary to prevent the formation of “rusty spots” in the concrete

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Admixture for concrete production


  • bulk material, silo

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