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Zeolite and its active substance, clinoptilolite, have various uses in agriculture. ZeoFeed is a product used in livestock production as feed additive. It operates primarily as a technological substance. For example it acts as water regulator, an ammonia binder, an anti-caking agent and it is for the fixation of heavy metals. However, the use of zeolite in agriculture is much broader. Products ZeoSand and ZeoGravel are used as soil conditioners for hydration and retention of soil nutrients. Properties of zeolite are used by fertilizer manufacturers and substrate manufacturers to create green roofs or roof gardens or are used for lawn establishment, fertilization. 


  • ZeoFeed


    Animal Feed Additive
  • ZeoBedding


    Mineral additive for livestock bedding
  • ZeoGrit


    Mineral grit for poultry farming
  • ZeoGravel


    Soil conditioner for gardening and sports turf
  • KlinoGrow


    Unique foliar fertilizer
  • ZeoSil M20

    ZeoSil M20

    Ecological protection of plants against insects, diseases and UV radiation