Conference Zeolite 2018

Producers, academic community and clients from the whole world met at the conference Zeolite 2018 held in Krakow, Poland.

Conference Zeolite 2018

The conference represented a follow up of the long-term series of the events organized under auspices of the International Natural Zeolite Association (INZA). The conference participants were welcomed in Krakow by the following hosts: University of Technology in Lublin (www.en.pollub.pl), University of Science and Technique AGH (www.agh.edu.pl), and Research Institute of Polish and Energy Economy, the Polish Academy of Sciences (www.min-pan.krakow.pl).

The participants mostly appreciated the contributions in the area of agriculture and civil engineering, and their practical applications in the industrial sector. It represented fulfillment of expectations in the area of cooperation of science with natural Zeolite processing.

Company Zeocem also attended the conference; we were honored as a main partner of the conference.



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