Zeolite as a natural pozzolan intended for the cement production

Pursuant to standard STN 197-1, pozzolan refers to natural siliceous or alumino-siliceous material.


Pozzolan properties of natural zeolite 

Zeolite mixed with water, it doesn´t harden but if finely milled, it reacts with diluted hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2) at normal temperature and water presence, creating compounds of calcium silicate and calcium aluminate - bearers of increasing hardness. Pozzolan contains mainly active silicon oxide (SiO2) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3). The rest contains ferric oxide (Fe2O3) and other oxides. Content of active silicon oxide shouldn´t be lower than 25 % of mass.

Effect of active SiO2 content on activity and strength

Performed Frattini test (= pozzolan reactivity, binding Ca(OH)2), indicates high pozzolan reactivity close to 100 % of effective hydroxide binding for KlinoStone. This result supports the advantages of the product application to cement production. Over-standard value has been reached thanks to high content of activeSiO2 44 - 54 %. Majority of pozzolan quarries on the European market contains less than 80% of effective hydroxide binding.

Advantages of application

  • saving of cement production cost, reduced carbon footprint
  • long - term increase in strength
  • high tensile strength
  • increased durability
  • increased abrasion resistance
  • increased resistance to chemical effects of chlorides, acids, nitrates and sulfates
  • reduced risk of cracks and micro-cracks
  • reduced hydration heat at high daily temperatures and in massive concrete structures
  • reduced risk of alkaline reactivity

Economic and ecological savings at cement production

Zeolite can be used as substitute for pozzolan thanks to its better properties in the terms of durability, economical and ecological nature. It is used as an active substitution for portland clinker, allowing for effective production cost reduction at proper zeolite content, dependingon the cement grade.

Cement blends with zeolite addition

Positive properties expressed upon proper addition of milled zeolite to concrete are activated upon the use of cement blends with zeolite addition. These blends enable flexible input in production process that can respond to effects of external environment in more flexible way, for example on the prices of CO2 allowances or granulated blast furnace slag.


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