Mixture binder

Product designed to improve, compact and stabilize the ground.


Specified universally valid k-value

  • k = 1,1 up to 10% by weight
  • k = 1,0 from 10.01% to 15% by weight of the substitute
  • k = 0,8 from 15.01% to 20% by weight of the substitute

By using Zeo RMX, it is possible to effectively replace part of the cement batch up to 20% by weight.

Zeo RMX is certified for the concrete production exposed to the effects of the environment according to STN EN 206 + A1 X0, XF1, XF2, XF3, XC1, XC2 and XD at specified universally valid k-values, except XF2, where they are specially determined k values. Further recommendations are given in the safety data sheet and in the SK TP.

Benefits of use

  • reduction of production costs
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • improving the stability of mixtures, increase in strength
  • overall increase in service life of concrete
  • reduction of energy intensity of concrete production
  • improving mechanical properties and durability
  • increase of sulphate resistance, elimination of sulphate corrosion
  • improved impermeability

Zeo RMX as a substitute for Portland cement

It is highly effective, up to 110% replacement of Portland cement at 10% by weight replacement and 100% replacement at 15% by weight replacement. At the same time increases the 28-day strength of concrete. It also serves as a stabilizer, after its addition the mixture is less flowable, handling is improved and the hydration temperature of the concrete is safer. Its presence in the mixture also increases its sealing properties. Zeolite in concretes contributes to increased sulphate resistance and elimination of sulphate corrosion.

Improves the concrete properties

When examining the properties of concrete treated with natural zeolite, the results showed that substitution of up to 10% of cement with natural zeolite increases the compressive strength of concrete by 15%, reduces water absorption 2.3 times, increases the density and speed of ultrasonic pulses. Substitution of up to 10% of cement with natural zeolite increases the closed porosity and consequently improves the resistance of concrete to freezing and thawing. The predicted freeze and thaw resistance calculations revealed 3.3 times higher concrete resistance.



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