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Granulated products

Granulated products

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It is an effective combination of all the benefits of micronized zeolites with flexible refinement options, which enables to produce a wide variety of blended compacted composites customer request.

ZEOCEM GRANUL is a universal representative of our new production line. It definitely addresses customers' demands for high zeolite fineness and very accurate dosing of the product in the technology they are using. At the same time, it eliminates the dust arising from the handling of the powder product. Granulation moves Zeocem forward in its readiness to compete with our products in searching for the ultimate solutions in the engineering of modern green-tech applications in all sectors of our current and new customer activities.

Granulated products represent a universal solution that is applicable throughout Zeocem's entire production portfolio, consequently, also products that are subject to legislation linked with feed materials.

Granules are a superstructure over our micronized products. This solution enables us to make products from the pure micronized zeolite but also blended products consisting of up to 8 components and 1 liquid input which are the product of our modern homogenization line.

Basic technical parameters and benefits of ZEOCEM GRANUL

ZEOCEM GRANUL is produced by compaction technology (sometimes referred to as briquetting) with a combination of high pressure, which enables a binder-free production but also with a usage of binder.

Technology enables you to compact:

  • pure micronized zeolites and limestones from Zeocem production
  • zeolite or limestone mixtures from our production and components supplied by customers with a guaranteed homogeneity of 1: 100,000
  • mixtures of zeolites and liquid components – up to about 10% moisture in case of zeolite *
  • mixtures of zeolites and other clay minerals
  • blends based on customer request

Inspirational examples of its usage possibilities:

  • a supplementary feed - granulated fractions below 200μm
  • mixed granulated feeds
  • mixed bedding for farm animals
  • mixed bedding for domestic animals - including perfumed variants
  • soil accelerators to strengthen growth and resistance of the plants against drought
  • soil conditioners for an agricultural production and garden to modify the soil structure and pH
  • soil conditioners to increase water retention and nutrients
  • plant growth accelerators applied by seeding
  • fertilizers based on zeolite and limestone applied by seeding
  • various solutions for aquaculture, drinking, industrial and waste water treatment
  • industrial solutions - highly effective mixed sorbents with a requirement for an accurate and easy dosing

* If it meets the technical requirements of the production line

Output fraction - granulometry 2-6 mm
Granulated products

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Fertilizante foliar único


  • 25 kg sacos
  • 1 000 kg big bag

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