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Mixed hydraulic binder

Product intended for improvement, consolidation and stabilization of fine-grained and coarse-grained gravelly soils.

Finely ground zeolite in combination with other additives creates a mixed binder. It is used to strengthen ground surfaces. We guarantee the strength characteristics of cement class 32.5N. Ideal use for various types of gravelly soils. It is used in the implementation of various construction projects:

  • Building of ground objects
  • Building of roads
  • Building of industrial halls
  • Building of industrial parks and shopping malls Infrastructure of large handling area


  • Economic savings 
  • Fast and simple solution without need for worktime and capital increase
  • High strength even in most demanding conditions
  • Increased longterm ground area strength


  • Technical support and project consultation
  • Individual approach and evaluation of optimum mixture binder choice
  • Cistern truck shall deliver the binder from the production plant to the application point
  • Binder feeder to which the binder is blown into from cistern truck shall be used
    for binder feeding
  • Binder homogenization with soil shall be provided by special machinery – soil cutter
  • It will be followed by compacting and compacting mechanisms system

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Mixed hydraulic binder


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