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ZeoSand Sil M20

ZeoSand Sil M20

Ecological protection of plants against insects, diseases and uv radiation

It is a form of micronized natural mineral - clinoptilolite, which forms a barrier film on the plant, that acts as a broad-spectrum preservative. Uses the properties of zeolite for effective nutrition and plant protection. 

Proper application creates a micronized film on the leaf surface, which is an inhospitable environment for insects, diseases and pests. At the same time, it protects the plant from UV radiation. It is ideal in combination with biopesticides, where the internal structure of zeolite stands out, which protects the beneficial microorganisms from UV radiation and retains moisture, which increases the effect of biopesticides by 30%.

Advantages of using ZeoSand Sil M20 for plant protection

  • strengthening of cell walls
  • increased resistance of plants to environmental stress
  • increased resistance of plants to diseases and fungi
  • increased resistance of plants to pests
  • increased metabolic functions of plants
  • increase the effect of biopesticides by 30%


  • 60% of the content is silica
  • also contains other valuable minerals such as: calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese and titanium

41645245 m


  • the product contains granules below 20 microns.
  • in our laboratory, these values are strictly monitored


  • 0.5 - 1 kg / ha to mix together with 300 liters of water

We will provide you with exact spraying dates for vegetables, agricultural and orchard crops on request. Ideally use in combination with fertilizers and bio-pesticides, it is necessary to ensure mixing during spraying

Our recommendation

  • the quality of the spray is significantly affected by the use of a wetting agent
ZeoSand Sil M20

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Fracciones recomendadas

  • Micro 20


  • 15 kg sacos
  • 500 kg big bag
  • kipp – a granel

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