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Suitable for cattle fattening, dairy production and for feeding sheep and goats.

ZeoFeed® as a feed additive brings significant economic and qualitative benefits in ruminant farming

ZeoFeed as part of complete feed facilitates slower passage of feed through the digestive tract thus prolonging the time for nutrient resorption. It acts as a carrier of nutrients.

Reduces ammonia accumulation to help get rid of the discomfort created by the ammonia thereby improving the animal welfare and performance. (Borzkut, 2006)

Reduces the manure Nitrogen losses that contributes to greater plant fertilizer value and soil amendment. (Eng et. al., 2006)

Improves digestibility and nutrient intake of sheep fed with alfalfa hay and grains containing the Zeolite. (Ruíz-Barrera et al., 2006)


ADULT CATTLE: 1% by weight of the feed composition

CALVES:  1% by weight of the feed composition

SHEEP and GOATS: 1% by weight of the feed composition

* References are available on request

Productos Recomendados



Sustancia forrajera suplementaria



Aditivo mineral para el lecho del ganado

Fracciones recomendadas

  • Micro 200
  • 0 - 0,2 mm
  • 0 - 1 mm
  • 0,2 - 1 mm
  • 0,5 - 1 mm


  • 25 kg sacos
  • 1 000 kg big bag
  • kipp – a granel

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Video ZeoFeed

Video ZeoFeed®

Video inspirador sobre los efectos del producto ZeoFeed® en el tracto digestivo de los animales.

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Video Zeocem

Una vista del interior de la fábrica donde se extraen, procesan y empaquetan la zeolita y los productos de zeolita.

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