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KlinoGrow Cад

KlinoGrow Cад

экологический ЛИСТВЕННОЕ УДОБРЕНИЕ для декоративных и полезных сада

KlinoGrow is a 100% natural product. Thanks to its composition, it increases the quantity and quality of the crop, resistance to pathogens and resistance of plants to drought and high temperatures.

KlinoGrow Cад

Benefits of KlinoGrow for your garden

  • increases the yield of cultivated crops by 10-40%
  • favorably affects the quality and nutritional value of the crop, color and taste of the fruit
  • prolongs the storage time of cultivated production
  • maintains the green effect of treated plants
  • supports more efficient water management

Growing of fruits and vegetables

  • improves the color and appearance of the fruit
  • increases the proportion of fruits in Category One
  • improves the taste properties of fruits
  • reduces the summer fall of fruits
  • prolongs storage time

Growing of ornamental plants and flowers

  • supports the formation of the above-ground vegetative part of plants
  • conditions greater branching and deployment of pucks
  • improves condition and health
  • increases the intensity of flower coloration
  • improves the foliage of plants, brings a green effect

Growing of forest and garden trees

  • supports powerful dynamics of height increments in one-year-old seedlings by up to 150%
  • ensures richness of foliage, when the leaf area increases by more than 200%
  • improves overall condition and health
  • supports the ripening of young shoots
  • positively affects the anti-stress resistance of conifers to high temperatures


  • supplies the plant with the necessary macro and micro nutrients, including important calcium, quartz and iron, which support natural disease resistance
  • increases the vine's resistance to chlorosis and the death of the bunch
  • favorably affects sugar content and ripening time


At least 2 times in the growing season in the form of a leaf spray


25 kg мешки | 300 g банка | 500 g банка

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