Природная добавка для оптимизации технологий очистки воды

Цеолит в процессах очистки и водоподготовки находит весьма широкое применение. Целью дозировки продукта является повышение биологической активностипроцесса очистки, улучшение характеристик седиментации шламов и качества очищенной сточной воды.



  • reduces the sludge index
  • reduces costs by savings on chemical agents
  • condensates sludge from water treatment plants


  • it is a sorbent of heavy metal cations
  • helps to avoid expansion when sludge is created
  • regenerates the CHSK, BSK5 and NH4-N values in water
  • reduces the sludge index, improves sludge digestion with a higher bio-gas quality
  • reduces costs by cutting on chemical agents
  • adsorbs odours
  • stabilises operational processes and safety even with dramatically fluctuating pollution
  • adjusts pH values
  • reduces whole nitrogen content,
  • improves the severance of sludge from clean water,
  • condensates sludge from water treatment plants

The content of iron and manganese is decreased, there is a reduction in total nitrogen content, and adjusting the pH. Natural mineral – zeolite is also used for cleaning waste water from ammonia. The addition of zeolite for water treatment positively affects the activation level of technological parameters like production of excess sludge, volume load of substance and loads of sludge, age of sludge, sludge index. ZeoWater for water treatment, due to zeolite properties also reduces costs by savings on chemical agents.

Рекомендованные фракции

Micro 20 Extra Dry | Micro 50 | Micro 200 | 0 - 0,2 mm | 0,5 - 1 mm | 1 - 2,5 mm | 2,5 - 5 mm


25 kg мешки | 1 000 kg big bag | бункер – свободная погрузка

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