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Дополнительная добавка для фуражных смесей

ZeoFeed® is according to the EU Commission Regulation no. 651/2013 feed additive for all animal species in the category of technological additives - functional group: g - Binders and i - Anti-caking agents, identification number 1g568.


Composition and mode of action

ZeoFeed is a natural mineral Zeolite - Clinoptilolite, crystalline aluminosilicate mineral, of sedimentary origin. Its internal structure consists of many channels, pores and cavities. These pores are useful for cation-exchange capacity (CEC). The surface of Clinoptilolite is negatively charged. It has a strong affinity to positively charged selective elements or molecules. 

Why to choose ZeoFeed? 

To achieve efficacy in animal feed production

  • ensures safe, dry and loose feed during storage and transportation with a positive effect on lower occurrence of moisture, mold and their toxic metabolites in storage silos
  • anti-caking effect facilitates free-flowing feed without clumps during entire application process
  • additive is chemically stable and inert to all important feed nutrients

How to use? 

Technological additive / anti - caking agent / binders

The anti-caking properties reduce the tendency of the individual feed particles to adhere. During the feed production process, ZeoFeed adsorbs water contained in feedstuffs and subsequently the feed is reduced in volume and weight. After adding ZeoFeed, the feed is better formable, dry and loose.

Direct incorporation into a complete compound feed

ZeoFeed can be incorporated directly into a complete feed mixture for all animal species at a maximum dose of 10,000 mg / kg of complete feed or for individual species: pigs 6-10 g / kg feed, poultry 7 g / kg feed, cattle 150 g / piece /day). ZeoFeed can be added ad-on to the complete recipe, or by substituting some component of the complete feed formula (eg wheat, wheat bran / flour, rice bran) in an appropriate dose of max. 1%

Production of premixes

ZeoFeed - a feed additive as a binder is suitable for use as a carrier (basic component) for the production of premixes. Thanks to the properties of zeolite (ion-exchange, reversible hydration and dehydration), the finished zeolite-based premix additionally acquires some beneficial properties after its incorporation into feed (free water binding, ammonia).

To use experiences with clinoptilolite in animal nutrition 

Based on more than 20 years of experiences, supported by dozens of scientific articles and industry professional peer reviewed studies with clinoptilolite in animal nutrition, is the substance further considered as an additive that contributes to increased feed efficacy, efficient use of feed energy, improved feed conversion, reduced ammonia concentration in the gastrointestinal tract and a factor that results in drier and less odoriferous manure with a higher nitrogen content.

In what parameters? * 

  • improved production parameters, weight gain and feed conversion
  • increased nutrient digestibility when less caloric value passes unabsorbed through intestinal tract
  • slower passage of ingesta through the gastrointestinal tract and increase in the microbial activity in the small intestine 
  • better buffering effect that stabilizes the pH of the digestive tract
  • substantially reduced ammonia concentration in animal digestive tract, traped most of occurring heavy metal ions, bioamines, polar-charged mycotoxins and some of harmful metabolites
  • better animal welfare in stalls when lowering of moisture and unbound ammonia contributes to reduction in diseases and flies/parasites

* References are available on request

Рекомендованные фракции

Micro 200 | 0 - 0,2 mm | 0 - 1 mm | 0,2 - 1 mm | 0,5 - 1 mm


25 kg мешки | 1 000 kg big bag | бункер – свободная погрузка

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