Agro Plants
ZeoSand Sil 20

ZeoSand Sil 20

Foliar plant protection

Uses the properties of zeolite for effective nutrition and plant protection. 

ZeoSand Sil 20

It is a form of micronized natural mineral - clinoptilolite, which forms a barrier film on the plant, that acts as a broad-spectrum preservative.

Advantages of using ZeoSil M20 for plant protection

  • strengthening of cell walls
  • increased resistance of plants to environmental stress - reduction of water loss by lower transpiration, strengthening of frost resistance of plants
  • increased resistance of plants to diseases - the plant uses silicon to create an additional mineral barrier covering the cells, which makes it difficult for pathogens to penetrate inside the plant
  • increased resistance of plants to pests - silicon accumulates in the cell walls of the leaf epidermis and makes it difficult for pests to bite and suck
  • increased concentration of chlorophyll in leaf tissue


15 kg bag | 1 000 kg big bag | bulk material, silo
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