Natural mineral bedding for terrariums and cages

Bedding for birds and small domestic animals. It can also be used as grit. Ideal for terrariums. 100 % absorption of moisture and odours, without clumping – absorption takes place throughout the whole of its volume.


Benefits of PussyPet

  • 100% natural – free from additives, colouring agents and chemical components
  • excellent removal of malodours and moisture from excrements
  • helps to keep the fur, paws, skin and feathers clean
  • safe for health when ingested, promotes digestion in birds
  • can be used as bird grit
  • improves hygiene in cages and terrariums - prevents growth of bacteria, moulds, parasites and mites, helps to maintain good hygienic condition of the environment surrounding cages and terrariums
  • animals are clean, dry, free from odours and vital, physically and mentally
  • the used natural material does not provoke irritation to animal olfaction and skin, nor allergies
  • easy and comfortable to use

Recommended dosage

  • Fill the cat´s toilet with a layer of PussyCat with thickness of approximately 5-6 cm
  • Replace the bedding as necessary – preferable once in 10 days
  • Dispose of the litter as solid municipal waste

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Project Manager Hobby

Peter Bašista
tel.: +421 908 990 074

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