Decorative stone for flower pots

Zeolite stone suitable for use as substrate for growing hydroponic and succulent plants and as decoration of pots, flower beds and other garden applications


Benefits of FloraStone:

  • suitable as 100 % substrate for growing hydroponic and succulent plants
  • improves the intake and use of nutrients and trace elements supplied to plants
  • positively affects soil structure, improves soil friability and aerates heavy soils
  • promotes the sorption capacity of light sandy soils
  • reduces frequency of watering
  • prevents growth of mould and occurrence of parasites
  • absorbs malodours from the environment
  • natural aesthetical element with decorative effect, suitable for graves, flower beds and garden paths

Recommended dosage:

  • FloraStone can be used as 100 % substrate for growing hydroponic and succulent plants  
  • when mixed with another substrate, it can be placed on the bottom of the container or on top of the soil in the pot to cover it completely
  • water plants as necessary for the particular species, when replanting, it is recommended to irrigate the plant with plenty of water

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tel.: +421 908 990 074

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