Zeolite gravel for water filtration and decoration of aquariums

Zeolite gravel for water filtration in aquariums AquaInset maintains your aquarium clean to keep your fish in a healthy environment.  Every fish keeper wants to have a beautifully clean aquarium. However, this involves one of the least popular activities – manual cleaning and regular maintenance. This is especially difficult in case of big aquariums. This work cannot be avoided even if we use filtering devices. But using the zeolite-based gravel AquaInset in your aquarium, you can significantly reduce the frequency with which this work has to be done. Apart from its aesthetical function, AquaInset is an effective filtration medium which keeps your water clean over long periods, thus ensuring biologically beneficial conditions for your fish, thanks to its adsorption quality. 


Benefits of AquaInset for fish keepers

  • 100% natural mineral material without colouring agents, additives and chemical components
  • traps harmful substances, mainly ammonia produced during decomposition of organic residues, urine and animal excrements
  • non-toxic and non-allergenic material that is fully ecological
  • prevents algae growth
  • maintains water purity in your aquarium and biologically beneficial conditions
  • aesthetical and decoration effect

Effective filtration for maintaining water quality

Unlike the traditional gravel or sand, AquaInset is able to trap and filter not only mechanical impurities, but also adsorb harmful substances. This is especially the case of ammonia produced in fish excrements, which in increased quantities can be toxic to fish and lead to problems over time.  With one spoon of zeolite gravel AquaInset, we get a cleaning filtration area as large as a tennis court. Enhanced filtration performance can be achieved by supplementing the filtration sand for zeolite filter insert AquaFilter. Zeolit is also a popular filtration medium for cleaning pools and garden ponds. It adsorbs unwanted harmful agents into its internal structure and thus keeps the water clean and healthy. Apart from ammonia, zeolite adsorbs disagreeable odours, modifies the pH value and prevents the formation of algae.

Recommended dosage:

  • The material must be thoroughly washed with running water before use.
  • The gravel can be placed underneath another type of ballast to form its bottom layer (thus creating a filtering layer).
  • The gravel distributed on the bottom of the aquarium adds to the aesthetical and decoration effect. 

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