Filtration of water in aquariums and garden ponds

Zeolite inset designed for filters used in freshwater aquariums and ponds to maintain a clean and healthy aquarium.


Benefits of AquaFilter for fish keepers

  • 100% ecological material without colouring agents, additives and chemical components
  • traps substances that are harmful to fish, mainly ammonia
  • non-toxic and non-allergenic material
  • prevents algae growth
  • maintains water purity in your aquarium and biologically beneficial conditions
  • easy and flexible application
  • improves efficiency of your filtering device

Natural material with very large surface to adsorb ammonia and harmful substances. It offers triple action – macrofiltration, microfiltration and ion filtration. The material is able to trap commonly found impurities (macrofiltration), as well as the smallest particles of 2 microns (microfiltration). Thanks to its special composition, the material is able to bind harmful molecules, e.g. ammonia (ion exchange).  Ammonia contained in fish excrements can be toxic to fish if it occurs in larger amounts and can lead to problems in fish keeping over time. Increased efficiency of water filtration can be achieved when the product is used in combination with zeolite-based gravel AquaInset.

A highly efficient zeolite filtration material can also be used as a filtration medium to clean and filter water in garden ponds and pools.  It meets the strict criteria and parameters valid for cleaning of drinking water and has achieved positive evaluation in expert opinions from certification institutions.

Recommended dosage:

  • The filtration inserts must be thoroughly washed with running water before use.
  • The filling inserted in water or a water filter must be completely immersed in water
  • To maintain the desired efficiency, it is recommended to replace the insert preferably every 2 months, or when the adsorption capacity of the filtering material has been achieved
  • Used insert can be used for composting

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