Temporary precautionary measures for truck drivers

To protect the health of employees of ZEOCEM and to minimize risks, ZEOCEM introduces temporary precautionary measures which all external truck drivers are obliged to observe. 

Temporary precautionary measures for truck drivers
  • Drivers are obliged to be equipped, in addition to the commanded protective equipment (work shoes, reflective clothing, protective helmet, harness to prevent falls from height), also with upper respiratory protective equipment, i.e. protective masks or respirators.

  • Access to the administration building is forbidden for external truck drivers!

  • All accompanying documents for loading / unloading and transport shall be issued at the window at the entrance to the administration building. 

  • Zeocem does not provide hygiene and refreshment to drivers!

  • It is forbidden to enter the factory area except for driving directly to the loading / unloading and back.

  • During the entire stay in the factory, every driver must have commanded protective equipment, including protection of the upper respiratory tract - protective mask or respirator. During loading and unloading, the driver is obliged to stay close to his vehicle and observe the OSH.

  • Any movement in the plant, except of driving for loading / unloading, is strictly forbidden!

  • Violation of the stipulated measures - External trucks drivers, knowingly violating the prescribed measures, may be expelled from the factory or may not be admitted to the factory on repeated visits. The transport company shall be informed about the entry ban of the sanctioned driver.

We believe that you will understand the measures taken. It is our duty to behave responsibly towards our employees, suppliers, business partners and the public.

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