The pool filtration with a usage of the filtration material ZeoAqua

The pure water in the pool is not only a question of aesthetic experience, but, first and foremost, it is a matter of keeping the water healthy, free of microbes, germs, and odors. There are different techniques and procedures used to achieve it. Today, we will take a look at what zeolite is capable of achieving during water purification.

The pool filtration with a usage of the filtration material ZeoAqua

A simple way to start filtering with zeolite

The use of zeolite as a filtration material for water filtration has been proven to be worth it by swimming pool owners for already a lot swimming seasons. These days, common sand filtration, which is affordable and also widely represented in the already operated pools and in the offer of pool equipment sellers, is sufficient for its application. You can easily replace a conventional sand filtration material with usage of the zeolite filter material ZeoAqua in a suitable fraction.  The zeolite has a lower bulk weight, about 75% of the conventional filter sand weight is sufficient.

Triple water filtration

ZeoAqua is using three filtration methods during water filtration - microfiltration, macrofiltration and ion exchange. Microfiltration and macrofiltration represent an effective trapping of the mechanical particles that can potentially contaminate water up to a minimum of 2 microns. The impurities could be captured not only among zeolite grains, but they are captured also within its internal structure and they will not flow back into the water through the filtering device.

The end of eyes tingling and dried skin

The ion exchange involves a more complicated filtration process, but all the more important. ZeoAqua can on the basis of ion exchange absorb molecules of ammonia, heavy metals, pollutants and other organic substances, which represent potential contamination. The most common occurring substance in the water, flowing into the filtration system, is ammonia. It is a part of the remnants of human contamination and we are not talking only about non-hygienic behavior, but also about the possible particles of skin, sweat, saliva, and other biological material that normally gets into water from the human body.

Ammonia in conjunction with chlorine generates a substance called trichloramine (nitric chloride), which causes unpleasant eyes tingling, odor, burning and drying of the skin and it is potentially carcinogenic. Professional swimmers or rescuers, who have been exposed to this substance for a long period of time, can even suffer from breathing problems. Consequently, bringing ammonia into the zeolite filtration structures avoids the formation of trichloramine potential inconveniences during placement in the water.

Economic savings

Consequently, using ZeoAqua leads to increase in the pool chemistry efficiency already with a lower dosage, which results in reduction of the economic expenses of the standard pool maintenance. There are economic savings also in the maintenance of the filter itself, which does not require frequent washing, and can save up to 50% of the energy consumed if properly maintained. This involves a less urgent need for water exchange and a lower expenses for its reheating to a cool temperature.

The drinking water quality

The filtration material ZeoAqua is applicable to pools of various capacities, ranging from the smallest garden pools up to public pools, including indoor swimming pools or pools for sports activities. In addition, ZeoAqua is certified and it meets the requirements for drinking water adjustment as well.

ZeoAqua will not unburden you completely from the mechanical cleaning and vacuuming of the pool's internal walls, but it will multiply your efforts to clean the pool and consequently, it will contribute to clean, health friendly and also more environmentally friendly water for your body and for your perfect relaxation.

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