Zeolite as part of the renewal of the city park Równia Krupowa in Zakopane

07 Februar 2022

ZeoGravel and ZeoSand product reference for city park renovation. 

Zeolite as part of the renewal of the city park Równia Krupowa in Zakopane

The city Zakopane is a district town in southern Poland in the famous tourist area of ​​the Polish Tatras. When restoring the areas of urban greenery, the city management decided to use the zeolite products ZeoSand and ZeoGravel as one of the basic elements of the sustainability of the park revitalization. Let's take a look at how these products have been used in this large-scale project.

Zeolite as a part of the sustainability of urban greenery

The reconstruction of the city park in Zakopane included the restoration of the city's greenery and the expansion of pedestrian routes, cycle paths and parking spaces, including the completion of the city's infrastructure and public buildings. Green areas in the park were given number one priority. They have become part of the city's festival space, where the grassy area not only creates an aesthetic impression, but is also part of a functional space for organizing social events, including festivals and stage performances. There were several requirements for maintaining lawns. The lawn should remain in good condition even when loaded with a large crowd. Lawn endurance is important even in all weather extremes such as excessive drought and excessive rainfall. Both natural phenomena are completely common in today's climatic conditions, and it is necessary to adapt the lawns accordingly.

Technical procedure and logistical requirements for material delivery

The reclamation of the grass surface using a zeolite mixture was carried out on a total area of ​​56,333 m2. ZeoGravel in the 5-10 mm fraction was used in this project as a drainage material at a dose of 30 kg / m2 at a drainage thickness of 5 cm. This was followed by the establishment of a layer of fertile soil mixed with ZeoSand fraction 1-2 mm in a layer of 15 cm, in an amount of 1.5 kg / m2. Dosage was chosen on the basis of an architectural project for the reconstruction of the park. In this project, Zeocem acted as a partner for the reliable delivery of the material according to the schedule, so that the large volume of ZeoGravel needed to create the drainage was delivered in a short time.

Benefits for creating and maintaining a lawn

Zeolite was given several tasks in the restoration of grasslands. As already mentioned, the space in the park will be open to a large number of visitors at one time and ZeoSand at this point acts as an element for consolidating the soil. Another key task will be to ensure the efficient use of available moisture. Thanks to its unique internal structure, it can absorb large amounts of water and cations of other elements. In case of excessive precipitation, it quickly absorbs excessive moisture and acts preventively so that the lawn does not become a mud bath. On the contrary, in times of drought, it releases the water bound from its internal structure and thus provides long-term use of natural precipitation for the root system of the lawn. It increases the efficiency of irrigation and thus brings economic benefits for the maintenance of urban greenery. Thanks to the above-mentioned ability to bind cations of many elements into its internal structure, it improves the efficient use of the supplied fertilizers.

Satisfied residents and tourists

The city of Zakopane has long been striving to improve the quality of the environment. However, it also pursues another goal. Building space for a happy community life. Greenery does not only have an aesthetic purpose, but it also creates space for active leisure time, whether through sports or social activities, with the idea that greenery acts as an antidepressant for humans. Achieving these goals with the use of zeolite is also in line with Zeocem's philosophy of promoting zeolite for the sustainable development of the company.

photo: Tripadvisor,, Zakopane city

Posted: 07 Feb 2022

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