How does the exhibition of horticulture organized once in a decade look alike?

22 Juni 2022

It presents the future of city parks, hypermodern greenhouses, and Zeolite. Floriade Expo 2022. You can visit the exhibition in Almera, the Netherlands, till October 29, 2022.

How does the exhibition of horticulture organized once in a decade look alike?

The exhibition presents the latest trends in the area of horticulture – growing fruit and vegetable, planting and care of trees, technologies for building of permanent city greens sustainability, and adaption to the climate changes.  It also presents the top example of the latest and most beautiful achievements in the horticulture sector.

Zeolite has become a part of the exhibition Floriadesa. Product ZeoSand of fraction 0.5 – 1 mm was used in total quantity of 180 ton. It was used for preparation of substrates for planting of various types of flowers, lawns and other crops. Thanks to its properties, Zeolite complements the philosophy of a green city building and permanent sustainability also in conditions of the climate changes that we are apparently facing.

Sufficient attention has been paid to growing utility and decoration plants in the greenhouses. Focus is directed to high quality harvest but also to the method of reaching it. Circular greenhouse farming and adaption to the climate has been moving to the front. Modern growing methods are used, including the use of drones and various robot types. This section of the exhibition is situated in the state-of-the- art greenhouse with the area of 1 hectare and length of 170 m.

This annual exhibition Floriade is also dedicated to a healthy city and the ways how to maintain healthy lifestyle. It offers the ideas of keeping air, water and soil clear in the city, and how to obtain green energy and use it properly without affecting healthy environment. The exhibition also presents new technologies and materials for a healthy city.

If you already visited the exhibition, we hope you´ve got many inspirations for further development of horticulture. You can find more inspirations and information about the exhibition here

Photo:, zeocem


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