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Zeolite – an exceptional gift of nature

Zeolite is a natural volcanic rock with unique physical properties. The uniqueness of zeolite is based on its extraordinary crystal structure, which enables it to capture substances in solid, liquid and gas states. Natural zeolite has found applications in many industrial sectors as well as in agriculture and livestock production, in environmental protection, the construction industry and in households. The negative charge of zeolite ensures its ability to adsorb various substances including heavy metals, toxins and radioactivity from the environment and the atmosphere.

Zeolite applications

The specific properties of zeolite make it useful for a broad spectrum of applications. Our certified company Zeocem, a.s. offers high quality natural zeolite and products based on natural zeolite that are divided into five product lines along their primary uses – Agro, Enviro, Building, Industry and Hobby.

Agro product line – zeolite products for agriculture

Zeolite has a truly tremendous range of applications in agriculture. Our nearly 30 years of experience in research and applications in agriculture, the feed industry and garden industry have led us to develop a broad range of high quality products. The ZeoFeed product is used as a feed additive for livestock to support growth, improve their immune systems and ensure the good health of farm livestock. It is used primarily as a technological substance that regulates the water regime and functions to bind ammonia, bioamines, toxins and metabolites and as an anti-caking agent. Zeolite is also used as a mineral additive to livestock bedding that increases the absorptive capacity of bedding material (for water, ammonia and gases). ZeoSand and ZeoGravel are specifically intended as soil conditioners to aerate soil and improve soil water and nutrient retention. The unique properties of zeolite are used in the production of slow-release fertilisers and in the production of soil substrates used when laying sod or planting gardens and in the creation of modern green roofs.


Enviro line – zeolite products for environmental protection

Natural zeolite has found other important uses in environmental protection and water treatment. The specific properties of ZeoAqua make it the perfect choice as a filtration and adsorbent material in water treatment. The unique structure of zeolite is capable of adsorbing various dioxins and heavy metals. ZeoAqua is also used to adsorb toxins and unpleasant odours in ponds used for decorative purposes and for swimming to ensure clean and safe water. Natural zeolite is also an effective air and gas filtration material. Zeolite is used in the construction of waste landfills to create a filtration barrier to protect the environment and prevent soil contamination. Another use of the natural zeolite in ZeoCem Eco is in biogas production, where it assists the biological process and increases the efficiency of biogas stations.


Building line – zeolite products for the construction industry

Zeocem, a.s. offers natural zeolite-based products for the construction industry. ZeoBau products are used as stabilisers in concrete and in various other construction mixes (plasters and adhesives). ZeoBau products are added to various precast components and flooring mixtures. Zeolite is a natural pozzolan, thanks to which it can be used as a direct ad-mix in cement. It has a positive impact on cement properties, in particular sulphate resistance and strength. The KlinoMix product line, also based on zeolite, reduces hexavalent chromium (CrVI) in cement. It also functions as corrosion inhibitor.


Industry line – zeolite products for industrial applications

Zeolite has a broad range of applications in many other industrial sectors. We strive to meet the specific and diverse needs of industry on a case-by-case basis and deliver solutions to customers that meet their exact needs. We offer the ZeoCem product for industrial applications as an odour adsorbent and desiccant. Natural zeolite may be used as a filler to improve the properties of products and as a replacement for other products (kaolin clay and meal) in the rubber, paper and wood industries and in the production of glue-lam materials. KlinoSorb is used as a natural universal adsorbent material with special applications to use the high adsorbent properties of the zeolite. AspaClin has its applications in the production and installation of asphalt where it is used to mitigate harmful environmental impacts.


Hobby line – zeolite products for household use

Zeocem, a.s. offers zeolite products for household use as well. Pet lovers have discovered the advantages of PussyCat zeolite litter and the zeolite and bentonite clumping PussyCat Plus litter for cats and PussyPet litter for other pets. AquaFilter is the perfect choice for aquarium lovers with AquaInset another great choice for aquarium filtration gravel and fill material. FloraStone is a decorative zeolite rock option for your garden or landscaping needs. Gardeners are sure to appreciate the natural zeolite-based mineral fertiliser in KlinoFert NPK, a great choice for growing tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables. Mitchurin fertilizer was specially developed for grass lawns to ensure proper conditioning and growth of the grass without broad-leafed weeds.


The creation and unique structure of zeolite – clinoptilolite

Zeolite is a natural volcanic rock that is formed as a result of high pressures and temperatures applied to a deposited layer of volcanic ash. This process of physical and chemical transformations occurred over millions of years. The structure of clinoptilolite, a zeolite, is a three-dimensional grid composed of silicate tetrahedrons (SiO4)4- . These are bonded together by their oxygen atoms. Some of the silicate is replaced by aluminium (AlO4)5-. As a result, the clinoptilolite structure is full of pores and micro cavities, which allow zeolite, and in this case clinoptilolite to capture substances in their solid, liquid and gas states. These cavities account for 24 – 32% of the resulting volume of the zeolite itself. One spoonful of clinoptilolite has the adsorptive surface area the size of a football pitch. Clinoptilolite is specific in that it functions as a selective adsorptive screen. What does that mean? The size of the internal cavities in the zeolite is large enough to allow molecules that are only several tenths of a nanometre of size inside. These cavities remain small enough to not capture large complex molecules (amino acids, vitamins and other biological macro molecules).


Extraction of the zeolite reserve at Nižný Hrabovec

Zeolite was first utilised for its exceptional properties at the beginning of the 1950s with the first in-depth research into the properties of this extraordinary natural rock. Zeocem, a.s. holds the extraction rights to a reserve of clinoptilolite, which belongs to the large zeolite group. The quarry is located in Nižný Hrabovec in eastern Slovakia. This zeolite reserve is characterised by its richness and its purity, which rank it among the world’s best sources. Our company emphasises an environmentally conscious approach to the greatest possible extent. Our goal is to respond to new trends and facilitate increased opportunities to use zeolite and satisfy the highest and every increasing demands of our customers.




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